Coupon Books in Support of Sustainable Businesses
Are still available! Coupons are valid until December 31, 2023
Rotary International is committed to supporting activities that strengthen the conservation and protection of natural resources, advance ecological sustainability, and foster harmony between communities and the environment. Rotary explicitly acknowledges this commitment by including Protection of the Environment as one of its areas of focus.
The Rotary Club of Nipissing was established in 1985 with a unique focus on environmental sustainability. We are proud to advance this cause in partnership with Earth-in-a-Nest, Sustainable Canadore and all of the enlightened businesses featured in the coupon booklet.
This Business Passport includes discounts, coupons, and other promos to 30 local businesses all committed to the 17 sustainable development goals as determined by the United Nations.
The book is $20 but the combined value of all promos exceeds $300. Businesses include:
- Allison the Bookman
- A&W
- Bioped
- Earth in a Nest
- The Farm
- Flowers by Moira
- Grecos
- Mud Dog Candles
- The Station
- Twiggs
- Vested Interest
- And many more!
The Sustainable Business Passports are printed on 100% recycled materials. We are excited to feature businesses in our community that are striving to introduce sustainable business practices to their organization and we hope that this passport will encourage you to visit these establishments and learn more about their products and offerings.